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SHAH FOOD PROCESSING is mainly dealing in the SODA WATER AND SOFT DRINK MATERIALS which includes the filling of the Soda Bottles, sealing and washing machinery, Carbon Di Oxide Gas Cylinder, empty Soda Bottles, Bottle Crates and much more. We are dealing since very long period of the time (ABOVE 50 YEARS).

After this we have also started the manufacturing of the Food Essence which is in the brand name of the Gold Cafee.

We are also engaged in the manufacturing of the Food Flavours which includes the flavours of the Ice Cream and Ice Candy, flavours of the Ice Golas, Food Essences, Natural Nariyal Pani, Custard Powder, powders for manufacturing the Ice-Cream. There are so many Flavours of Ice Cream and Ice Candy: like Almond Sweet, Mango, Orange, Pista, Saffron, Vanilla, Butter Scotch, Rose, Strawberry, Rajbhog and much more. There are also so many flavours of the Ice Golas as well.

In the 1990s there were more than 400 different type of soft drinks in the market and new sweetener and flavours are developed all the time to meet the ongoing market demands. In the future as well, advanced technology will lead to greater efficiency of soft drink production at all stages. New methods of water clarification, sterilization, and pasteurization will improve production and minimize the need for preservatives in soft drinks. We are one of the pioneer in Soda Water and Soft drink material manufacturing in Asian market.

These all are manufactured under the name of the M/s. HARSHIT ENTERPRISE, now known as SHAH FOOD PROCESSING PVT. LTD. We always dish up our customer with the products of High Quality and which contains higher rate of the satisfaction. We try to give our customers the best of our product range with no chance of complaints. This is not any magic. It is only the hard work which is done by us.